Sunday, December 25, 2011

wandering, eating, wandering, eating.

This is Mama Bear. We call her Chicken
Well, we've been in Berlin for the past three or four days now.. I'm not exactly sure - and much to tired to actually count the days. Leaving Vilnius was a strange feeling, leaving Lietuva was weird too. I didn't like it. But I guess it is time for a new chapter in my life. Getting to Berlin was such a schlep, it was utterly exhausting. Our first day was strange. Mama bear was feeling the culture shock/change, going through the realization of being a foreigner. After quite a few unfortunate things the wind was knocked out of her sail. Now I was affected by these events as well, but I am also used to being treated certain ways, and I've been a foreigner for the past 4 months so it didn't really get to me like it got to her. Luckily by the next day we had managed to get a fair amount of rest to trek on.

Berlin is an amazing city. It is large and full of random neighborhoods. We've stumbled upon many different squares, about a dozen christmas markets, beautiful architecture, and art. We've managed to conquer the metro system here, yay for us.

One thing you should know about celebrating christmas in Berlin is that on the 24th of December practically the whole city shuts down. Luckily we somehow stumbled upon a small area where museums and food opportunities were open. Thank goodness, otherwise we would've been stuck with Micky D's for Christmas dinner.

Best Xmas Market in Berlin!
Today we were wandering to find the Neue Synagogue. As I am fascinated with Judaism, and becomming more aware of Jewish history throughout Europe has been a large part of this long 4 month journey for me. Anywho, on our way to the Synagogue (which is beautiful I might add) we saw this building covered in graffiti. Curious we stepped inside and started peeking around. Finally we found a few signs that made it clear that it was a sort of art house. We had found Tacheles, which I'm pretty sure I'd seen somewhere in a documentary or something. There is one artist there, Alex Rodin who is shedding light on the East/West Berlin history. Basially someone who isn't putting up with ignorance and he's trying to make people more aware. Pretty respectable in my opinion, but for some reason the government has shut his art show down so there are petitions and signs to raise awareness to the public to get things back to where they should be. There are also petitions to keep that building a building for artists - which has unfortunately been threatened in recent times. It truly is a beautiful thing the artists have going there, and it almost sickened me leaving that place. I wanted to make a change, I wanted to be part of their mission to raise awareness. I wanted to stand up for something that is right. A truly inspiring artist and art community.
Holocaust Memorial

Tomorrow will be a load of traveling. I'm kind of dreading it. Two planes, a train, potentially a taxi. Destination Krakov, Poland. I can't wait to be there though. It's a pleasant city, with the best Jewish district! And history!

Who knew I'd become such a history buff..? The more aware I get the more interested I get, and the more interested I get the more I want to raise awareness about the suffering and conquering of this part of the world's past. It truly is a beautiful story, and each country has their own, and most countries are proud to be who they are and I truly respect and admire that.

Well, by the end of the week i'll be happily celebrating New Year's with my dear friends, and it's been far too long since i've seen them. So I can't wait!

I hope you've all had a joyful holiday.

Until next time!
Tacheles, and a sign about the artist Alex Rodin. Very moving.

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